End Homelessness California, The Shower of Hope Project

Project Budget:  $40,000
End Homelessness California, The Shower of Hope Project


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  1. Lorenzo Garcia says:

    The Shower of Hope, is very deserving for consideration to receive this grant. They restore dignity and hope to our homeless community.

  2. Christopher Encinas says:

    I fully support this project. I think it will help the make a difference not only for the homeless community but for all communities.

  3. Angie Bravo says:

    I love The Shower Of Hope. A simple shower, something most of us take for granted. Yet, the impact is bigger than most people will ever realize. It’s not only about giving our Homeless Brothers and Sisters Showers, we connect in such meaningful ways. Trust is built, meaningful friendships are developed. Mel, Lisa, Lorenzo and all the volunteers are making such a difference. This grant would be such an immense help!

  4. Jessica Byer says:

    The Shower of Hope is able to help homeless feel worth more! They provide free showers and hygiene to those in need and is very deserving of this grant! The passion behind this project is great and with the proper funding, they can expand and help the highly growing homeless popularjon of LA.

  5. Rosemary earl says:

    It doesn’t give me a chance to submit but this is my third time I hope it’s a charm Showers of Hope is it he any program that can help the homeless population to take a shower maybe get hygiene products a little bite to eat and maybe some clothes these people deserve to take a shower and this is one way to do it I hope altamed Insurance Grantham this wish of having another mobile unit and I thank you for listening

  6. AmandaGrace says:

    The Shower of Hope is deserving of your consideration for this grant. They restore hope and dignity to members of our community experiencing homelessness.
    Thank you! ❤️

  7. Joelle Molloy says:

    The Shower of Hope project is profound — it restores those who need it most with a sense of self worth.

  8. Chrystal Mosley says:

    I support The Shower of Hope Project and all of its endeavors. The Shower of Hope project provides hot showers and grooming supplies for the homeless population which leaves them feeling confident and dignified like a citizen of Los Angeles County should feel!

  9. Lisa Marie Nava says:

    The Shower of Hope is more than just a shower, it is a way to restore dignity and hope to people living on the streets.

  10. Paola Andrea Ariza says:

    As a volunteer for this project, I have seen first-hand how Showers of Hope allows our city’s homeless population a brief reprieve from their situation and brings everyone together, instilling a sense of community. It allows volunteers, parish members (as the mobile showers are based in church lots), and our homeless neighbors an opportunity to engage and connect in more meaningful ways than our busy lives otherwise allow. It also restores some dignity to a community that is so often forgotten.

  11. Denise Mendoza says:

    The Shower of Hope is deserving of consideration of this grant. They restore hope and dignity to members of our community experiencing homelessness. Being a regular volunteer since the first Shower was made available has been a personal life changing for me in being able to help others through this hopeful consistent organization. Thank you.

  12. Maria Del Rayo Garcia says:

    I’ve seen The Shower of Hope when they first started. It’s amazing how efficient the operations are and more amazing how it’s all supported staffed and financed by good sumaritans, these volunteers bring smiles and hope to the homeless community. They are deserving of this grant.

  13. Robert Valenzuela says:

    The shower of Hope is a great idea ,I see more homeless people on a daily basis ,no one wants to deal with the homeless, I feel that it’s time to help those in need. The shower of hope is a good idea and will start to end homeless!

  14. Angela Valenzuela says:

    I highly support this project as there is a dire need to assist the homeless in order to do something about this problem that has gotten out of hand. This program will give them the incentive they need to start making a positive change in their life, a sense of dignity!

  15. Selena Rodriguez says:

    The Shower of Hope is a great program that helps restore dignity and hope to homeless people in the community. It’s great to see a organization that is helping the homeless in this way.



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