Teens N Fitness: Wellness Agents of Change

Project Budget:  $10,000
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


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  1. Angela Oakley says:

    This is a very important program that supports healthy lifestyles for teens. Teens especially need a lot of social reinforcement and positive environments that facilitate heathy eating and physical activity behaviors during a critical stage in their development. We need more programs like this for teens in order to prevent the tremendous suffering and medical costs associated with diabetes and obesity.

  2. Susan Cohen says:

    California State University, Northridge, through it’s public health program, is in full support of the Teens ‘N Fitness Program through CHLA. We know full well, that peer education is one of the best and strongest links to behavior change- not just for the audience being educated- but for the peer educators, themselves. This program has the potential to help teenagers make lasting behavior changes that will positively affect their diets and health outcomes for decades to come. We know that high school is a critical time of change, and for the development of life-long habits. Teenagers learn from each other. In communities where extra-curricular education might be scarce, this program has the ability to affect real change and excitement about health education. The CSUN public health program will continue to work with CHLA by sending undergraduate and graduate public health students to support the implementation of programming, and share best practices that are learned in the classroom- sending them out into the community.

  3. Jaquelin Flores Garcia says:

    Preventative medicine is such a crucial component in our adolescent’s lives and allowing their peers to guide them through this journey is a great idea – they will be able to relate to them on different platforms. The CHLA Diabetes & Obesity has had many accomplishments and collaborations (e.g., American Diabetes Association) with their health and wellness driven curriculums that have been previously geared for adolescents. I have first handedly seen what an impact the Kids N Fitness© program has had in multiple settings and populations. Funding this project, Teens N Fitness, targeting young adolescents will not only increase their knowledge but empower themselves and each other to make healthy choices that can positively impact and influence their health and wellness.

  4. Ahmad Shahhosseini says:

    This is a very important program and initiative to support the choice of healthy lifestyle for kids and teenagers. Starting the choice of healthy eating, exercise, and health lifestyle is more effective when started at an early age rather than later in one’s life. It is important for our communities to support such projects and help create the social support circle needed for our children and teens to lead a healthy life.

  5. Kelleen Young says:

    Primary prevention strategies are significantly imperative to populations of all ages. I support the Teens N Fitness program because it targets overall health and wellness among teens living in low income communities. This project will not only demonstrate how policies and our environment contribute to diabetes and obesity but educate and train local high school students to become agents of change. Healthy messaging can be more impactful if it comes from peers which can also further empower students to make healthy lifestyle choices.

  6. Brenda Manzanarez says:

    Kids are our future, and it’s our responsibility to guide them to a healthy adulthood. With this project, it will not only be a resource to the community and have a positive impact, but will serve as a way to mentor and empower adolescents at this crucial time in their life. Change starts from within, exactly what this project intends to accomplish – peers modeling and teaching each other about good health behaviors.

  7. Lizbeth B. says:

    The most important part of an evidence-based curriculum are the positive connections that are made and this program offers that and more. Communities need positive connections to lead healthier lives and to foster motivation, and what better way to do that than with youth!

  8. Bridgid Conn says:

    Teens n’ Fitness is such an important program, promoting healthy changes in lifestyle and wellness with far-reaching implications for intergenerational change. Changes in activity and diet are most impactful earlier on prior to the development of more long-standing patterns during adulthood. It is important to support such projects that have the potential to significantly alter the life course of young people and communities that are historically under-served and under-resourced.

  9. Claudia Borzutzky says:

    There are not enough programs out there like Teens N Fitness that directly engage young people and guide and entrust them to take charge of the future — both the future of their own health, and their peers’. Each teen impacted through this program can in turn impact multiple other teens, as well as multiple generations of their own family members. . . and who better to provide the guidance and support than the diabetes and obesity prevention and treatment experts from CHLA?

  10. Celia Framson says:

    Peer support to make healthful changes during adolescence is very powerful. I applaud this program’s dedication to health and wellness, and their involvement of teens in the change process. I would love to see this program available to teens!

  11. Chaka D. says:

    As someone who has struggled with weight issues since I was a young child , I can honestly say that this program is changing lives. It’s an amazing experience to watch children and their parents have an epiphany about the caloric content and artificial ingredients in some of their favorite foods or snacks. Nutritional information is shared in a participatory fashion so every child and parent is engaged in the learning process. In addition to learning about food, the children also learn that playing is exercise and should be fun. All of the kids participate in the fitness portion of each session and feel extremely comfortable running, jumping and playing competitive fitness games with other kids and staff/volunteers. This is an awesome approach because it takes the “work” out of workout and turns fitness into “funness”. Lastly, one the most unique aspects of this program is the access parents have to a Registered Dietitian that can hear their concerns/struggles and offer suggestions and support. I sincerely see the need to address issues related to obesity as early as possible. This program is meeting the need. I wish my family had access to it when I was younger but I hope that many more kids will continue to access to this program.

  12. Mari Radzik says:

    Let’s support this project! Involving youth in their own health and wellness activities leads to better results, empowerment, autonomy and self efficacy. A healthy future for our young people starts here – let’s continue to engage on the street, in the classroom, at home and through their social connections. Especially if it’s fun and engaging. Prevention starts early and lasts a lifetime. And we can assist in this process by supporting this project. Thanks to this team for all they do!

  13. Nancy Guerrero says:

    Two words really stand out about this project “empower” and “community”. While knowledge exposes individuals to have more information, empowerment allows for increased commitment. It’s important to allow for teenagers to be agents of change in their community when it comes to increasing wellness. I went to high school in South Gate, which is a neighboring city of Huntington Park and I can attest to the need for wellness programs in that community. It’s not easy to be healthy when there are limited wellness centers, but an abundance of convenience stores. However, if the students are empowered and serve as mentors to others, barriers to health will be reduced.

  14. Priscilla says:

    I believe there should be more projects like these available all over the world. It creates awareness and promotes healthy living at a young age. Keep up the good work!

  15. Dr. Michelle Burcin says:

    What a fantastic project addressing some of the most important issues we are facing. Keep pushing forward… our youth need this support!

  16. Cierra Oard says:

    I believe that this is a promising project. I have viewed the activities this project has conducted, therefore, I strongly support this project.

  17. Jennifer Rizzo says:

    The just keep livin Foundation fully supports the Teens ‘N Fitness program offered through CHLA! This program made a direct and positive impact on the students involved in the program. Teens ‘N Fitness engages and empowers students to make healthier choices while providing support to our teens and their families with resources and information. Obesity and diabetes prevention is crucial the the overall well being of our youth. There are not enough programs out there like this one that directly involves the students every step of the way!

  18. Valerie R says:

    Teens N Fitness is a valuable program that can give teens healthy living knowledge for their present and future! I strongly support this project!

  19. Ruby Molina says:

    Teens N Fitness is a great program offered through CHLA. This program helps gain awareness for teens, families, and their communities on the issues of obesity and/or overweight among teens. Programs like these need to be implemented more to reduce these kinds of issues for the future. This project not only helps increase knowledge for students and their families but also influences change within themselves and their communities. I strongly support this project!

  20. Leslia Campos says:

    Eating healthy can be hard for all of us, and it can be even harder for teenagers. Teens N Fitness is great program that presents a more focused message to students about the importance of healthy living. I support this program because it offers teens a sense of ownership and control over an area of their life. Keep up the great work!

  21. Carol Torres says:

    Many chronic diseases, like hypertension and type 2 diabetes, are on the rise. The most frightening statistic is that they are becoming more commonplace in young children and youth. Often these diseases are a result of unhealthy eating habits and weight gain. Teaching young teens how to eat healthy and promote wellness will help them stay healthy throughout their life. Awareness and education on good dietary habits is the key to begin the journey to change for the better and Teens N Fitness is the ideal resource for this! It’s a great fun program!!!

  22. Angie Ramos says:

    Teens are often not engaged in their health and this program can make such a huge impact. This program can help them to create changes early on before these teens become adults. It is hard to make changes as an adult so to get support and education for these teens is essential to create a powerful change.

  23. Megan Lipton Inga says:

    Teens N Fitness teaches and empowers teens how to form healthy habits in the midst of the many challenges they face on a daily basis. Teens often look to other teens for support and advice. By coaching teens to be agents of change for their peers, we also see them influencing their parents to be healthier. I have seen firsthand the power of this program and hope it can be expanded.

  24. Anet Piridzhanyan says:

    Teens N Fitness is much more than nutrition and physical activity education. Teens N Fitness is teen empowerment. Teens learn not only the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves, but how important they are in creating their own futures. Teens N Fitness is a supportive community focused on motivating youth to become agents of change. I support Teens n Fitness. This project fosters change by empowering future leaders of health and wellness.

  25. Daniel Lopez says:

    This is a great project because it promotes a healthy lifestyle and creates awareness of the obesity epidemic. This program will be the foundation for young adolescents where they can learn new ways to be healthy and learn how they can support each other and their families. I support this project!

  26. Leticia Alvarez-Cesareo says:

    Giving youth the power of knowledge to make informed decisions about their health and their future, as well as influence others, this is a great way to make changes for a better future. Great work!

  27. Ellen I says:

    I fully support this innovative program empowering teens with the knowledge and tools to become champions of change and become advocates to improve the health of peers, families and communities. Bravo!

  28. Noena Z. Ramirez says:

    Having a program that not only advocates health but also empowers students to create change, is a program I fully and strongly support. I believe this program will not only bring upon great benefits but will guide the leaders of our future down a path full of knowledge and success!

  29. Karen Vasquez says:

    Kids are our future and it is our job to guide them to a healthy lifestyle. This program Teens N Fitness will help teens stay motivated and create early on changes of their life. It also empowers support, guidance, and education towards a healthy life style. I support this program !

  30. Sheyla Orellana says:

    Kids are our future. Programs such as Teens N fitness need to be implemented more to help enhance a healthier lifestyle among teens. Not only that but also in a fun & engaging manner for them. Keep up the great work Teens N fitness!

  31. NOE VISC says:

    It is important to have programs like Teens n fitness because it creates a social environment for people within a community that can be struggling with the same health issues. Starting at an early age is more effective for teens to develop better health choices. Teens n fitness is a great program and everyone should support it.



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