Project Access in Southeast LA

Project Budget:  $40,000
Worksite Wellness LA (WWLA)


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  1. Malcolm Vivian says:

    Health education always bings its students a step closer to healthier lifestyles. SELA would benefit greatly from Worksite Wellness LA’s expertise.

  2. Yoselin duran says:

    Our community needs the right personal to assist them in moments of confusion and inform them about the changes about health.

  3. Punit Joshi says:

    Worksite Wellness will provide valuable support and advice to a population that would benefit from health education, education about how to better access available healthcare, and how to plan one’s personal finances to support better money management and health outcomes.

    Education and guidance can improve financial and health literacy, which helps the community function better.

  4. Julie Friedman says:

    WWLA is a unique organization and I have had the honor of being the Chair of the Board of Directors from 2015-2017. The services and programs are essential for the community and the staff of WWLA is committed to providing excellent services and follow up. I fully endorse their receipt of funding for programs and trust this will benefit those in need.

  5. Niloo bahadori says:

    I definitely support this program , this educational program will be instrumental and beneficial to so many people.

  6. Jorge Valdez says:

    Support Health Education in our community. Worksite Wellness LA will and can help our communities live a healthier lifestyle.

  7. Gabriel O. says:

    This project is the first step of many in educating our community. I support this project and hope to see the positive impact is has on people in our community.

  8. Jesus D. Rivas says:

    This program is such a help to low income latino families and provides additional support services that are very difficult to get. This program needs the additional funding to continue that work and grow to assist more families in need.

  9. Mariana Leon says:

    Worksite Wellness LA is such a great resource for our community. I totally support wellness and education, I been working in Manufacturing for 8 plus years and its been great to partner with Worksite Wellness LA to bring our employees lunch and learn sessions.

  10. Isaac says:

    Project Access is an amazing project that has the potential of changing many lives. I definitely support this project and the goals it sets out to accomplish in benefiting the health of individual and family lives.

  11. Vincent Perez says:

    Project Access is going to better people’s lives, and help spread awareness of physical and mental health to those in need. This project has my full support.

  12. Bill Burnett says:

    Worksite Wellness LA is doing incredibly important work guiding underserved individuals through the confusing maze of healthcare in 2018. They know the ins and outs of all the options and help people make what are truly life and death decisions about their own and their family’s health.

  13. Victoria Don says:

    I support this inspiring program which will lead to healthier individuals, families, and communities. We all benefit from work like this!

  14. Kyelynn Chiong says:

    WWLA provides important health education services to help communities get and stay healthy. Please support this project!

  15. Mike Nichols says:

    Healthy lifestyle education is an effective method to both prevent and manage chronic health conditions – please support this worthwhile initiative.



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