Market Match in Southeast LA

Market Match serves four functions: reducing hunger, promoting healthy eating, supporting small family-operated California farms, and promoting sustainable agriculture.


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  1. Julie Schwarz says:

    The more help people get in buying fresh fruits and vegetables, the better it is for everyone. Alta Med has long been a supporter of the Paramount Farmers Market and we have Market Match with HALA, so for us it only improves our message of making farmers markets accessible to all.

  2. Karen Giron says:

    This project allows people to have better access to fresh fruits and vegetables, not only does this support their health but it also supports local farmers and creates a sense of community. Normalizing the consumption of fresh ingredients is essential in tackling many public health disparities within the Los Angeles area.

  3. jen says:

    It’s important to provide affordable, fresh & healthy food options to all communities, yet especially so within areas ofLos Angeles such as SELA where these options are not easily accessible or readily available. Farmers’ Markets provide the highest quality of fresh fruit & vegetables, along with giving customers the chance to sample them (introducing people to new things they may love, yet may not have tried before!). I have witnessed first hand the value of Market Match at Farmers’ Markets & seen how happy it makes customers, too.

  4. Diana Rodgers says:

    HALA and the Market Match program increase foot traffic at the farmers market ensuring healthier food options for the participants and stronger sales for the farmers which keeps them coming back.

  5. Laura Avery says:

    Market Match is a critically important part of many people’s weekly food budget. Customers with Market Match not only purchase fresh fruit and vegetables each week, they get to know the farmers who grow their food and they share community with other farmers market patrons. The program provides multiple benefits in every market it is found.

  6. Rufiena Jones says:

    Market Match makes a huge difference in many peoples lives who want access to fresh, delicious and locally-grown fruits and veggies. Every week, dedicated patrons come to the Virginia Ave Park/PICO Farmers Market in Santa Monica and because of the Market Match program, are able to purchase another bag of produce to feed themselves and their families with good, healthy produce. The SMFMs value this program tremendously. We encourage people to “Eat a Rainbow” of fruits and veggies, and for many of our valued customers, those MM dollars enable and empower them to do just that.

  7. Sarah A Spitz says:

    This is such a win win project. Seniors and others get healthier, money gets stretched to make it happen, and farmers benefit too. Please support this project; the closer we get to understanding the sources of our food, the better for everyone. Farmers markets need not be “elitist” and “expensive” when support is available. Let’s encourage healthy eating, healthy growing and the healthy of our community!

  8. Rose Mary Elizondo says:

    It is so important for good health for everyone to eat a diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables.
    The opportunity for a community to have access to fresh fruit and vegetables makes the difference between just existing
    or growing healthy and strong. Fresh fruit and vegetables in our diets makes it possible to avoid diabetes or at least keep it at bay.
    I fully support Hunger Action Los Angeles’ Market Match program.

  9. Matthew Sharp says:

    Affordability is everything. Market match makes fresh and local possible. Everyone in our neighborhoods deserves the affordability that Market Match brings.

  10. Denise says:

    HALA and Market Match are good for families and our communities. A direct quote from a very happy MM recipient: “Thank you for doubling the ebt in October. My child was able to try many more fruits and vegetables than usual!” Let’s all support HALA and MM.

  11. Eric Ares says:

    I’ve come to learn that Market Match is one of the most effective programs in directly fighting food insecurity for low-income families and communities in Los Angeles. People that take advantage of Market Match not only receive more fruits and vegetables, the improve the health and well-being of their families and communities while also supporting the local economy. This program would thus benefit both poor families in SELA and the community at large.

  12. Sage Alia Clemenco says:

    Market Match is an amazing program that acts on so many levels to address equity, poverty, health and wellness, and communities. It puts more money into the hand of low income consumers so that they can access more and better produce and that money goes directly back into the local economy by supporting local farms. Everybody wins!

  13. Harry Brown-Hiegel says:

    Market Match makes a difference in the healthiest possible way to so many people. Fresh, great tasting food needs to be part of everyone’s diet, no matter the level of income and Market Match assures that even our youngest can begin healthy habits of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  14. Diana says:

    Market Match truly makes a difference in people’s lives by giving them access to fruits and vegetables, empowering people to make healthier choices and live better while at the same time helping small farmers and the economy. It really is a win-win for so many.

  15. Diana says:

    Market Match will help SELA grow healthy by giving the community access to healthier eating options that they may not normally get on a regular basis and making it more affordable to eat better and therefore live healthier and happier lives.

  16. Joann Lo says:

    The Market Match is a proven program that has already increased access to fresh fruits and vegetables to many low-income families. I urge AltaMed to support this program.

  17. Lindsay De May says:

    I’ve been working at the Market Match table at Wellington Sq FM in Mid City since June and the Kaiser Permanente South Bay FM since November. While Wellington Sq is a small market and has low traffic, the Market Match dollars often equate to 1/3 of the total sales. The majority receive SSI or EBT benefits. When the Market Match program was brought to Wellington Sq, it brought not only consistent customers, but also secured greater profits for farmers– therefor more reliable vendors. Being at the market every week, I’ve developed close relationships with many that utilize the Market Match program and often exchange healthy holiday recipes or gardening tips. Thanks to HALA, Wellington Sq Fm is hosting a program that will appropriate the FM to be better suitable for the visually impaired community and provide free transportation from the Braille Institute — most of whom will utilize Market Match.

    The Kaiser Permanente South Bay FM has undergone multiple managers, changed locations, and changed hours. There were few (if any) consistent customers and vendors, especially being at a Medical Center. I’ve had the opportunity to help launch the Market Match program, and, like Wellington Sq, the Market Match has quickly established some consistency. Patients at Kaiser have begun deliberately scheduling appointments on Wednesdays, so that they can shop at the FM and double their dollars with Market Match. On more than one occasion, individuals have expressed relief after discovering a program like this in South LA. Many come from Carson, Long Beach and Lakewood and wish Market Match was more accessible in their communities.

    I have no doubt that the program in SELA will reflect the 25 other successful Market Match programs in LA, and have an influence over the health of a community.

  18. Kelli Johnson says:

    The Market Match program is a key factor in the success of both farmer and customer. It is unique in it’s ability to serve both producer and consumer! I have found it really helps to foster a sense of loyalty and even real joy when those extra bucks can be spent on fresh berries or a beautiful perfectly ripe peach. When families are able to shop in the farmers market and eat fresh and delicious produce, it makes it easy and delicious to eat healthy. Seniors are especially vulnerable and are only able to get assistance through this program. Please consider supporting Market Match and the vital work that they do for the most needy in our communities.

  19. Maribel Diaz says:

    Maribel Diaz
    Market Match truly makes a difference in people’s lives by giving them access to fruits and vegetables, empowering people to make healthier choices and live better while at the same time helping small farmers and the economy. The program provides multiple benefits in every market were we have Market Match.


    SSI recipients are the fastest growing population of Market Match customers at the Altadena Farmers’ Market – a small neighborhood market.

    The benefit of the SSI Market Match program is inter-dependent and three-fold: (1) the senior community has a source of affordable fresh produce, (2) directly supporting the California farmers growing it, (3) which helps sustain neighborhood farmers’ markets.

    I urge AltaMed to support Hunger Action Los Angeles in adding the SSI Market Match Program to more of their markets!

  21. Leo Diaz says:

    Market match nos ayuda en nuestra comunidad para mejorar la Buena alimentacion de nuestros senores mayores de edad!!! Tambien nos ayudo en nueatras ventas asi ayudando alos agricultores locales!

  22. Jose Gama says:

    Market Match has always been a Great benefit to the community, helping our customers to buy fresh products on a regular basis that without this help may be out of budget. It also supports local farmers to continue in the business.

  23. Miguel Esquivel says:

    Market match has been quite effective in bringing local communities out to farmers’ markets. In addition to providing funding to low income communities, this program also encourages people to shop locally, which is also mutually beneficial to farmers, ranchers, and artisans.

  24. silvia suarez says:

    Project is almost vital for the farmers market in Huntington park if it wouldn’t be for the program a lot of people wouldn’t be able to buy there produce.

  25. Chul k shin says:

    This is a best program in the world
    Motivating to health matter
    Weekly all the people come to market match,
    Passion support , kindeness

  26. Joana Gaytan says:

    As a Farmer, Market Match is a program that helps us motivate the community to eat healthy. It is a really big support for us as well.

  27. Robert valdez says:

    The market match program has provid low income residents access to better raw produce that help sustain healthy life styles.

  28. Andy says:

    The MM program helps out the community with eating and buying more fruits and vegetables that are really fresh and tasty. The MM seems to help out a lot of people from what I see with letting us eat healthy and I am glad that I know about Market Match

  29. Maribel Diaz says:

    Market match it’s a program for the low income communities to help consume fresh fruits and veggies from the farm to the table for a healthier life style for our family’s its help my family consume more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis thanks to Mark and match program

  30. Jacqueline says:

    Market Match gives access to low income families to purchase locally sourced fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets. Customers are able to get more bang for their buck and get to take home more produce then they would have without the Market Match program.

  31. Elizabeth Medrano says:

    There is a lot of hunger in Los Angeles City and throughout the county. Market Match has proven to be an excellent access point for fresh fruits and vegetables especially for communities that struggle to feed themselves given high costs in housing, medicines, and other vital needs. This program also supports small and local farmers and their produce is high quality. We need to support HALA and its Market Match program!

  32. Ricky Kanter says:

    Market Match is such an amazing program & such an integral part in transforming food desserts in L.A. into vibrant & healthy communities. Providing easier access to healthy fruits & vegetables at local farmers markets both provide healthy alternatives to benefit recipients, while supporting the efforts of local, California farmers who drive hours to bring their fresh produce to local Angelenos. Having volunteered at markets with Market Match, it’s easily discernible how much of an impact this program makes on people’s lives.



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