LGBTQ Youth Leadership Academy

Project Budget:  $30,000
Latino Equality Alliance


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  1. Ari G Arambula says:

    This is a terrific project!! We need positive programming for lgbtq youth in Latino communities. They will lead the way to making our LatinX communities safer and healthier for LGBTQ individuals and our families.

  2. Crissel Rodriguez says:

    It is important that LGBT youth in the Southeast have access to resources that are much needed to ensure they have positive and healthy livelihoods. This effort would ensure that families also have access to accurate information and can support youth in their journey.

  3. Nicolas Patino says:

    This project will help SELA grow healthy because it allows youth to gain leadership skills to advocate for local policies that would improve health and well being.

  4. Laura Vargas says:

    Ensuring safe and affirming environments and equal opportunities for LGBTQ youth in South East Los Angeles is crucial to the overall health of the community. Building a SELA that celebrates and honors diversity will result in better health outcomes for youth. Training young on the importance of civic engagement builds capacity in the South East LA community to advocate for policies that impact their health. By educating and mobilizing youth, this project will also be impacting their peers and families, as these young people would share tools and information and inspire others to create positive social change

  5. Jesus M Torres says:

    Studies have shown that creating a supportive environment for LGBT students improves educational outcomes for all students, not just those who may identify as LGBT. And remember, it’s not about politics—it’s about supporting students. Any educator, regardless of his personal beliefs, can be a resource for LGBT students. It all starts with awareness. Often educators are unsure how to support their LGBT students in a meaningful way. These best practices were compiled to give school leaders the knowledge they need to create a climate in which their most vulnerable students feel safe and valued. Through inclusive policies and nurturing practices, administrators, counselors and teachers have the power to build an educational environment that is truly welcoming to all students. SELA is in desperate need for more resources, I appalude LEA with all it overtures supporting Youth.



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